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Related article: Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2001 03:49:22 EDT From: Subject: Chance and Brian Chapter 12Disclaimer: This story is purely fiction, I do not know any boy band members model agency essex and probably never will, or do I claim to know there sexual orientation, or do I care.. If homosexuality offends you in anyway then please do not read any further and leave. If you are to young to read this then leave now.Again thank you to everyone who has written me.. it is very much appreciated.Chapter 12 Chance and Brian ***************************************************Brian and I sat down and talked to Wynonna, I asked about her mom , her sister and especially her children. Brian told her about Nate and what a riot he is. She invited us to bring Nate and let him play with Grace and Elijah. She told us that they could use the company of another child.I told her that it was appreciated and that im sure he would enjoy that.Brian stood and said "Babe im going to go use the bathroom, are you going to be ok here?""Yes Tig I will be fine, are you ok?""Yea Im fine. Wy.... where would I find the restroom?""Bri, its down the hall and to the left, I believe its.. lets see.... 3 doors down on the left.. oh and Bri, I almost forgot to tell you that Bryan White wanted to see you also, his dressing room is right next fanta models door to mine. He said he had a question about a song you guys were working on""Ok thanks Wy." he then turned back to me and said " I will be back in a few minutes, are you pedo teen models sure you dont want to come hot teen model along.""No Sweetie I will be fine here, unless Wy needs me out of her way?" "No Chance your fine." she said smiling at me.I looked back at Brian concerned if he was ok, he just wasnt acting all that chipper like he normally was. "Brian, Sweetie im fine here really, you go ahead and go, unless you want me to come along I will.""No Babe thats fine you stay and talk with Wy and I will be back in a few" he leaned down and kissed me, I stood up and gave him a hug and whispered in his ear " are you sure your ok, Im kinda worried.""Im ok Chance."I then knew something was wrong he doesnt usually call me Chance its usually babe or baby."Sorry for this Wy." she had a knowing look in her eyes."Brian Littrell you sit down and tell me whats going on. I know something is wrong you never call me Chance, so please tell me whats wrong."He sighed and looked at Wy and then turned back to me "Babe im fine really im just really tired all of the sudden, im sorry I didnt mean to scare you.""Bri, I dont care about you scaring me.. I love you, But I do care if your not feeling good or if your really tired, when the concert if over why dont we go ahead and go home and get some rest.""Are you sure Babe, I dont want to ruin the evening.""Brian how about this, Im really tired too, so lets go ahead and go home after the concert, Its been a long day for us.""Ok Babe that sounds good." he looked at me with nothing but complete and utter love in his eyes, and said "I love you so much.""I love you too Brian, more than you will ever know."I looked at him and said "Ok Tig you better get moving or we will miss the concert."He gave me a strange look and then started to say "But...... "I held up my deposition model hand and said "Sweetie I was kidding I know the show cannot start because we are sitting here with the star and the second star is next door..." I started laughing and said "Boy you must be tired"He chuckled and said " Yea it dawned on me when I started to say it........ that you were just kidding, sorry babe... and yes I am tired, I guess im just a little slow tonight.""Its ok Brian I love ya anyway, sweetie why dont you go use the restroom and then talk to the other Bryan and then we will go find our seats again." I said smiling at him."Ok babe, see you in a few" and he walked out the door.I turned and looked at Wy and said "Sorry, men... you cant live with them.... and you just cant..... Well... live with them.." and I started laughing.She laughed and said "Hmmmmm I think I have used that before."I blushed and said "Yea i know.""Chance you guys are really good together, you really mellow Brian out and it looks like he does the same with you.""Yes we really do, I think we balance each other out, he makes me very happy, hell probably the happiest that I have model agency essex ever amateur model naked been, well except when my son was model agency essex born." She had tears in her eyes and said "You guys will last I can feel it, its meant to be.""I hope so Wy I really do, god knows that I will be fighting for it and so will Brian, im just scared of whats going to happen when Brian goes back on the road."She looked at me with a very puzzled expression and said "You mean your not going with him?""No... I cant I have Nate, my job, my house and bills to pay. I cant just up and leave. Nate starts school in September. Hell I want to be with Brian 24-7 but that isnt artwork laurie model a possibility right now, plus Brian and I would have to seriously talk about that before I would ever consider giving up my job. I have always depended on myself and only myself to take care of things it would be very intimidating to give teen modell bikini up my stability.""I understand that Chance, However dont let your fears override your happiness and being with Brian.""Believe me I wont Wy, im just not ready to give everything up yet.. maybe when we have been cuties girls models together longer, but not yet." She looked at me and said "Your a very smart guy, I can see why Brian has fallen for you."Blushing I said "Thanks Wy, that means a lot to me.""Well im only telling it as I see it.""Thanks again"... I said. I had a wonderful thought... "Wy could you do me a huge favor?""Sure, what did you need""Could you dedicate a song to Brian tonight?""Sure Chance which one?" she said smiling at me."How about To Be Loved By You its a beautiful song .""Thank you Chance and I would love to do that for you and Brian, but I think we can do one better how about if you come on stage and dedicate To Be Loved By You to Brian.""Oh I dont know.... Ummmm... How.... geez im not to sure about that Wy."She started laughing and said "Just think of something to say, and I will bring you on stage before the song. The song before To Be is Tell Me Why, so once that starts go over to the side entrance and I will have Sam bring you back to the stage. OK?""Ok that sounds good Wy. How can I ever thank you.""You dont have to Chance, Im just glad that you two have found each other, its the least I can do for love."I stood and gave her a hug and said "Your an awesome person Wy, and I hope we become great friends"Just then Brian walked into the room and said "HEY, you better not be hitting on my boyfriend."Wy and I both started laughing, I released Wy and walked over to Brian and said "Tig I have everything that I want, I dont need anyone else but you."He kissed me on the cheek and hot teen model said "See thats why I love you."I blushed and said "Stop tig, you love to embrass me.""yep I sure do, your sexy when your all red." he said with a shit eating grin on his face..."OK... you two out.. your sweetness is gonna make me sick, plus ive got to get ready."I walked back over to Wy and hugged her and said "Thanks for the talk, it helped alot.""Chance it was my pleasure." as she handed me a card she said "here are my phone numbers if you want to talk.""Wy are you sure?" I asked disbelieving that she gave me her phone numbers."Of course I am, how else are we going to become best friends." she said.I had to be smiling from ear to ear. and could only say "thanks" with a catch in my throat I was afraid if I said anything more I would choke up..Brian came over to us and hugged Wy and said "Thanks for tonight Wy, I.. we... appreciate it very much."She said "Your welcome now go, or I will be forced to change in front of you both, and im sure you dont want that."Brian looked at me then back to Wy indian porn models and said "Wy I love you and everthing and no offense but NO I small boat models have no desire to see you naked.""No offense taken Brian just like I wouldnt want you to see me naked as I have no desire to see you naked, However Chance on the other hand I wouldnt mind seeing naked."My jaw im sure hit the floor, I was shocked to say the least. I then heard "HEY, thats my boyfriend your talking about!"I started laughing and said "Brian would you mind leaving Wy and I alone for a few minutes?""I dont think so, I am NOT leaving this room!" he respondedI put my arm around him and said "What dont you trust me?"He looked at me and said "I trust you completly, its her I dont trust and pointed to Wy." I started laughing.Wy spoke up and said "Hey! you make me sound like a HO.""NO.... sorry not a ho, but im still not leaving you alone with my boyfriend!" Brian responded.I was laughing so hard that I was crying.. I spoke up and said "Tig sweetie lets go and let Wy get ready." I ushered Brian to the door and said "See you later Wy and thanks for everthing." and with that we walked out the door.We walked down the hall heading towards the arena, as we got out of the backstage area I asked "So how did everything go with Bryan White?""Oh it went great Chance, hes going to email me the music and the lyrics he came up with for the song."We found monogram models our seats, sat down and continued to talk."Oh thats great Bri, I understand hes an awesome songwriter, But of course not as good as you."Brian laughed and said "Well of course not, I love it when you stroke my ego."I looked at him with love and desire in my eyes and whispered so that only he could hear "Is there any thing else you would like me to stroke?" Brian turned beat red, I watched it start at his ears and spread to his face.He said "You did that on purpose, and im sure that I can find something later that would love to umm.... be stroked that is."Smiling I said "Oh I have not doubt about that."Staring at me he mouthed "Ilove you."I responded with "Always and Forever."The lights started to dim and Bryan Whites Rebecca Lynn started playing. The screams from the girls where amazing. It was similar to the BSB but not as loud and not as high hot teen model pitched. Bryan preformed for about 45 mins and ended his bondage male models portion of the show with Between now and forever, its a beautiful song. Bryan put on an awesome show, he carried you from slow songs to fast songs, he kept you moving which kept the show entertaining. To applause and cheers he walked off stage, just then an announcement was made that Wynonna nudeteen models cp would be out within ten minutes, which pleased everyone.Brian and I talked about the press conference and how he thought it would go tomorrow. "Chance, it will be fine please dont worry about it, you will be great.""Brian thats easy for you to say, artwork laurie model your always in the spotlight. Put yourself in my shoes, think about how you felt when you guys first started doing shows and interviews, and how nervous you had been, thats how I feel.""Oh, geez Chance im sorry, I guess I asian naturist models never thought about it like that."Its ok Brian, I will make it through it."He kept staring at me. He didnt have to say anything, I could see the love, trust and respect with just the way he was looking at me.I wanted nothing more than to lean over the table and kiss him but of course that would have to wait. I cleared my throat and said "Stop that.""What Chance?""You know what, and you need to stop."He leaned closer to me and said "You mean to tell nudeteen models cp me that you can tell what I am thinking with me just looking at you?"I laughed and said "NO, but it does give it away with how you look at me."He sat back and said "Chance we have connected on almost all levels havent we.""Yes Brian we have.. on almost all levels."He sat forward again and said " Can this be real.... can this be a dream.. can this be latina bbw model model candice michelle the love that I long for and need."I sat stunned that he remembered the poem, I smiled and said "I think it could be destiny.. I think it could be true.... can I spend my whole life with you...."He smiled and said "Always and forever."we just sat there and stared at each other without saying a word, actually we had no need too. Everything was said with our eyes. words were not necessary.The lights again dimmed and the crowd roared, I continued to look at Brian, he kept smiling until the music for She is his only need started.We then turned and watched as Wy stormed onto the stage to thunderous applause and screaming, hehehe I should know I was one of them yelling and screaming. I sat there awe struck that such a wonderful woman had such a beautiful voice, I swear she could sing with the angels.The next song was Change the world and then I saw the light. The music started for Tell me why.. I got up and told Brian that I had to use the restroom and vanished quickly. I made it pristine teen model to the backstage entrance only to be greeted by Sam, I walked up perfect ass model and said "did Wy talk to you?""Yep she sure did Chance, follow me." he said smilingI followed him through a corridor and then down a long hall, we went up two steps to stand at the side of the stage. I was terrified.. I wasnt sure I could go through with this.I stood and watched as Wy sang, she would look over at me and smile every so often, its like she could sense that I wanted to bolt at any moment. After a few more moments she finished Tell me why, and waited for the applause and screaming to calm down.She said "Ok Everyone I young model torrent hope your enjoying the show. I do have a special treat though, model agency essex I had a special request today and I want a very good friend of mine to come out here and dedicate a song to someone special in both of our lives. Please make him feel very welcome, come on out."The lights were brightened just enough so that I could see the first part of the audience. I wasnt sure if I was going to pass our or puke I was so scared, but I knew that I needed to do this, I needed to show Brian how much I loved him, and what better way to do it than with music. His true passion.I walked out onto the stage and stood next to Wy, she said "Folks this is Chance." they all cheered, why im not sure but they did.I looked down to see Brian staring at me in disbelief.I looked back at Wy and she said to me and the audience "its all yours Chance go ahead." as perfect ass model she handed me a mic.I put the mic up to my mouth and said "I recently meet someone that is very special to me, this person makes me whole, if any of you have ever believed in destiny or true love then I think you can relate with me. I have found someone that I want to spend the rest of my life with always and forever, and this song is for that person. Ladies and Gentleman here is Wynonna singing To Be Loved By You.Just ab models 91311 then the music started and I walked over to Wy and gave her a hug, she held me and said "your not going anywhere, Chance would you stay asian naturist models and sing this song with me.?" I was stunned.I looked at her in shock and said "Wy... I am not a good singer.""Well lets let them be the judge of that." she was so sincere how could I say no.I put the mic to my mouth again and said "You know not what you do." and I started to laugh, I then said "so to everyone who knows good music, i am so so sorry."Wy was laughing and said "ok guys lets take it on 4 3 2" and then the music started.I looked at Wy and said "you start it.""Ok, I asian glamour models can do that." she saidand she started to sing.Love thats worth fighting for thats what this is and how, how could I want more than the warmth of your kiss and then I came in singing with her, or should I say trying matter how many latina bbw model miles and dreams come between us now in each step I take, with each prayer i make this love will live somehow.let the mountains rise i will climb them all when my bodys weak, i will not fall baby come what may I'll find the way to get through theres nothing that i wont do to be loved by youthere will be lonely nights when youll whisper my name and know on those lonely nights , ill be doing the same should every star in the sky go out just keep your faith alive we were meant to be, this is destiny it cannot be denied and even when were worlds apart just keep this promise in your heartlet the mountains rise i will climb them all when my bodys weak i will not fall baby come what may ill find the way to get through theres nothing that i wont to do to be loved by you.Baby theres nothing that I wont do to be loved by you The song ended with roars from the crowd, to tell you the truth I dont remember much about singing the song it was over so fast.Wy walked up to me and gave me a hug and said "you have a wonderful voice, maybe we need to do a song together, our voices blend together great."I started laughing and said "I think I will leave the singing to you and Brian." I handed her the mic turned and waved to the audience and looked at where Brian and I were sitting, only to have my heart sink, Brian wasnt sitting there, he was gone. *************************************************************Ok so there you have Chapter 12 ....... I hope you liked it .... please write and let me know what you think good bad or otherwise at Tnerb65aol.comyour emails will determine if i continue on posting the story or not. so again please email me and let me know what you think.Thank for reading,..... if you are.. hehehehehTnerb
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